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Learn more about our mission, vision and our brand story.


Our Mission

Our mission is to redefine and transform the buying, selling and investing process with best-in-class service, unparalleled marketing and customer first approach. We deliver the highest level of quality and service to ensure that properties are sold, bought and leased through our cutting-edge marketing and innovative technologies. At Jason Emata Homes, we have a fiduciary duty to protect our clients’ best interest.


our Vision

To become a world-class real estate brand for people to trust, do good business with and drive community inspiration for a better tomorrow – one home at a time.

Our Brand Story & Guiding Principles

Our DNA – our creative expression, the meaning behind our logo and our value proposition. 

It’s been quite a journey – welcoming life’s twists and turns. We’ve achieved our most successful moments, faced challenges, and confronted our realities that endure us to become stronger individuals. We experience turbulence, we experience growth and yet at times, we forget to celebrate our milestones, our highs and lows. As life happens, so do we. We’ve chosen our path. We’ve embraced change and what's next. There has never been a better time to help Canadians navigate their way into the real estate market seamlessly. 

Our value proposition: We are personable and reliable, we relate to our clients and customers by understanding their needs, wants, desires and expectations. By being trustworthy and consistent, our clients are  stress-free and have peace of mind – knowing that they are the heart and soul of our brand. We are connected – with the right relationships – partners, vendors, associates, and peers to drive our mission forward – to serve our clients with the very best service. We are transparent – we protect our client’s best interest by being honest and truthful so they can become part of our family long term. We pride ourselves on our integrity – we do good business with the highest ethical standards and make informed decisions that’s win/win. We are accountable – for our client’s results, our exceptional work and our mission.

We built our brand with a customer first and superior service in mind. We took time to craft our creative expression, master the imperfections and embrace the process on developing Jason Emata Homes.

Our logo represents the paths of life. Wherever the path takes you – you will always wind up in a place called “home”. Our tagline reflects how we work – every day. Real Estate Just Got Better is not just a slogan – it’s our tone, our voice, our language that speaks to our best-in-class promise we intend for our clients.

Our brand logo is an expression…our understanding that life takes course in different directions – all the time. And just like real estate, the process of buying, selling and investing can be a daunting process. We will be with you every step of the way with the right intent, knowledge, guidance and due diligence.

With Jason Emata, your biggest investment is a priority. We bring purpose and cohesion to every step in your buying, selling and investing experience. Our creative expression, values and our customers matters to us. It’s the core of our brand - helping clients where they are, no matter what path, on their terms.

Work With Jason

Jason Emata is a Realtor® in Toronto, Ontario. He provides sellers, buyers and investors with best-in-class service with the highest level of quality, loyalty, professionalism and integrity built by a customer-first approach. Get in touch!

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