Spring Forward with these tips & tricks!

Spring Forward with these tips & tricks!

  • Jason Emata
  • 03/22/22

🏡☀️ As we enter the Spring season, we asked several buyers and sellers what's important to them when buy a properties. ☀️🏡 Here are our top 5 home improvement tips for consideration:


Maintaining your home in good condition can pay off when it’s time to sell. Potential buyers seek homes that require less repairs and as a seller, you don’t want to fall short during your home inspection. Depending on the condition of your home, I usually recommend a pre-inspection to my clients so they know everything that’s wrong upfront and repair as needed. Inspectors analyze every corner of your home and look at so many features beyond your imagination including foundational issues, roof, electrical and so much more. Take note on what you can repair and/or upgrade now because they take a while depending on what needs to get done. For example, look at your doorknobs, cabinets, sinks & faucets, baseboards, shower heads, etc. – these are the easiest ones to replace & repair. The earlier you tackle these repairs, the more peace of mind you will have before putting your house for sale!


First impressions matter. Painting your home is one of the easiest and most effective ways to show interior & exterior improvements if needed. A fresh-coat of neutral paint emphasizes a clean & fresh look, sets the mood, makes the space look bigger and can help highlight specific features. Potential buyers in my experience are very fussy about the entrance, foyer, the kitchen and bathrooms and look for properties that have less work to deal with. More importantly, fresh paint will showcase your home well in photos and videos digitally when it’s time to sell. Sometimes, it’s not necessary to paint your entire home but paint where necessary – some spaces take more priority than others! A good rule of thumb is making your space – “white & bright”.


Should you renovate before selling? It depends. In order to make a sound decision, it’s important to determine what type of buyers you want to attract. Once you have a target market in mind, build a plan for your renos and consider when you want to sell and your budget. For now, set your eyes on small renos like replacing doors, repaint cabinets, reglaze bathtubs, replace light fixtures (if needed) and ensure lights bulbs are working & bright enough to showcase your home. Additionally, DIY (Do-it-yourself) projects can help save on labor costs including painting, lighting, cabinet upgrades, blinds, etc. Lastly, don’t forget about your home’s curb appeal – painting the front door, replace exterior lighting, fixing the walkway, adding flowers and plants are just some ways you can improve the overall look and feel outside your home. Enhancing the exterior is just as important as improving the interior. Curb appeal is everything – after all, impressing potential buyers is key to selling your home in less time!


Removing unnecessary items from an untidy or an overcrowded space is a must. There are a plethora of reasons why decluttering your home is beneficial when selling your property. Not only does your home look extremely organized and tidy but it prevents and reduces dust, mold and mildew which trigger health problems including asthma and allergies. Less clutter opens up space which means less distraction for buyers during showings. More importantly, it helps them better visualize what their lives would be like if they lived there. Additionally, removing all your personal items including religious items and family photos that reflect your personal lifestyle is a must. Regardless if you are getting ready to sell your home, declutter today and reap the many benefits. Check in with yourself and your goals and start from there!


Simply put… the smell of your home can deter potential buyers away during showings and open houses. These “bad” types of odors include cooked food, pets, smoke, mold and so much more. Carpets and area rugs catch and hold odors so make sure you get them professionally cleaned. Identifying the root cause of these bad odors is key versus masking the smell by using scented candles, scented plug-ins and diffusers. Instead, take the opportunity to clean your home throughout. Deodorizing your home by opening all your windows to let fresh air in, washing all trash bins, sprinkle baking soda on the carpet, look for leaks in the bathrooms and clean out all drains are just some ways to get rid of pesky smells in your home.


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